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The Building Blocks of Better Health

Global leader in genomics, Illumina has partnered with the University of Melbourne to create a biomedical and economic powerhouse for Australia by building a Genomics Hub inside our world-leading Melbourne Biomedical Precinct — The Advanced Genomics Collaboration (TAGC).

What will TAGC do?

TAGC will accelerate the translation and commercialisation of biomedical research into a cluster of high-growth, high-tech startups within the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct.
With the support of Invest Victoria, it will foster a pipeline of commercially focused genomics innovation projects and drive increased investment in Victoria.
TAGC will be executed in two phases:
Phase 1
Innovation Foundations: Two two-year flagship genomic innovation projects, to develop diagnostic technologies in cancer liquid biopsies and COVID response; and lifting local genomics research and clinical trial capabilities via establishing the partnership's core enabling platforms (clinical genomics, bioinformatics and health economics).
Phase 2
Building the genomics ecosystem over three years including expanding the commercialisation pipeline, providing industry experts to support genomics commercialisation and new venture formation, and education and workforce development initiatives.
The Advanced Genomics Collaboration (TAGC) is a biomedical and economic powerhouse that uses genomics to create world-leading projects and businesses that will improve health for everyone.
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