The Advanced Genomics Collaboration

The Building Blocks of Better Health

Global leader in genomics, Illumina has partnered with the University of Melbourne to create a biomedical and economic powerhouse for Australia by building a Genomics Hub inside our world-leading Melbourne Biomedical Precinct — The Advanced Genomics Collaboration (TAGC).

What we do

TAGC is committed to accelerating the translation of biomedical research, advancing precision cancer care procedures, and increasing access to cutting-edge genomic testing and treatment options for those who need it most.

The partnership has created vital infrastructure and high-skilled job opportunities, providing the capacity and resources needed to increase clinical sequencing activity across the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct.

Driving innovation

With the support of Invest Victoria and a multi-disciplinary network of skilled collaborators, we’re working to foster a pipeline of genomics-focused innovation projects driving increased investment in Victoria.

COLUMN Initiative
COLUMN Initiative

The Cancer of Low Survival and Unmet Need (COLUMN) Initiative aims to improve diagnosis and provide more targeted and effective treatments for rare and challenging cancers.

Liquid Biopsy Project

The University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research’s clinical genomics team received support from the TAGC Innovation Fund to pioneer a less invasive way to collect tumour information from a simple blood test by deciphering small amounts of cancer-specific mutations in the bloodstream known as circulating tumour DNA (or ctDNA).

Liquid Biopsy Project
ID Predict
ID Predict

Researchers at the Doherty Institute, in collaboration with computational biologists at the Melbourne School of Engineering and the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute received a $2 million grant to better understand disease progression in patients with COVID-19.

Supporting partners

TAGC was made possible through significant assistance from Invest Victoria and the Victorian Government’s Department of Education and Training.

Invest Victoria is the State Government of Victoria's investment agency, fostering long term economic prosperity by enabling business opportunities and job creation for Victoria.

The Department of Education and Training offers learning and development support and services for all Victorians.

The Advanced Genomics Collaboration (TAGC) is a biomedical and economic powerhouse that uses genomics to create world-leading projects and businesses that will improve health for everyone.