Health Economics Platform

Enabling rapid translation of genomics into health services through treatment modelling to highlight improved clinical results and economic benefits.

TAGC's Health Economics Platform uses analysis of TAGC's national and global-scale genomic datasets to provide evidence-based guidance for public policy and investment.

TAGC's Health Economics team works with governments to drive targeted, high quality healthcare outcomes for everyone. This has particular impact in the area of routine clinical care, where data-driven health economics shows government ways genomics can provide better patient outcomes and lower overall costs to the health system, thereby encouraging Medicare subsidy and greater accessibility to improved healthcare for everyone.

This research will establish the evidence base to inform public policy and investment to enable the benefits of genomics to be felt in society.

The first phase of the platform includes three project streams:

  • Development of a linked data platform for health economics and genomics research, and development of a population data-set to enable large-scale health economics research on cancer genomics
  • Health economic models of liquid biopsies to improve early detection of cancer and clinical translation of the test
  • Analysis of the optimal use of molecular testing in blood cancers with diagnostic challenges, and the additional value added by whole genome sequencing

The Cancer Health Services Research group analyse real-world costs and results of comprehensive cancer care to inform evidence-based health service interventions and improve outcomes for cancer patients.