Clinical Genomics Platform

Expanding the patient sequencing capacity of the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct.

TAGC's Clinical Genomics Platform delivers rapid, affordable sequencing of whole genomes on a scale that provides timely insight for every collaborating researcher and clinician.

Thanks to the size and speed of this platform, precise genomics-based diagnostics will become a fast, affordable, integral part of everyday biomedical research and clinical care.

The Clinical Genomics Platform drives precision oncology and other non-cancer related genomics research through targeted innovation projects, with the aim of clinical innovation.

We want to change routine clinical care by integrating genomics to improve diagnosis and provide more targeted and effective treatments for cancer and rare disease patients.

Professor Sean Grimmond and team provide clinicians and their patients with rapid diagnostics from a biopsy or simple blood test, and a gateway to better cancer care and targeted clinical trials.

As the capacity of the Clinical Genomics Platform continues to expand, these programs have been rolled out to TAGC Innovation Projects, and will start to include areas external to the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Alliance. It plays a vital role in providing access to the latest trials for patients in these areas, promoting more equitable care.

The scalability of the platform is important to be able to compete globally, ensure quality, and to support anticipated growth.

Professor Sean Grimmond's Precision Oncology lab explores the mutational signatures of DNA and their contributions to individual tumours, through rapid genomic analysis.