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An internship at Illumina Australia gave Cathy(Tianyu) Wu valuable insight into next generation sequencing technologies.

The Master of Biotechnology graduate saw the internship as an opportunity to combine her passion for science with an interest in marketing, applying both to a research project exploring how genomic tools can accelerate drug development.

“I majored in pharmacology for my bachelor’s degree so I wanted to leverage my knowledge in pharmaceuticals to make a meaningful contribution to this project,” said Cathy.

The experience allowed Cathy to gain hands-on experience creating marketing plans and crafting messaging for different audiences.

“My primary role was to conduct research exploring various genomic applications in pharmaceutical research, with a specific focus on oncology, gene and cell therapy, and microbiome,” she explains.

“I analysed trends in these fields by examining clinical trial data and reviewing the latest publications.”

Throughout the internship, Cathy learned to recognise the importance of effective communication in science marketing, and how to tell a story to convey crucial information.

“During my internship, I learned how to craft narratives around scientific data and research outcomes, making them more engaging and relatable,” she said.

As an international student, Cathy also appreciated the chance to gain exposure to an Australian workplace environment and culture.

“The most exciting part of the internship was the opportunity to visit Illumina's lab at the Victoria Comprehensive Cancer Centre,” she said.

“I was fascinated by the remarkable accuracy,high throughput, and extensive coverage offered by Illumina sequencing, and how these technologies contribute to tangible benefits for society.”

Looking ahead, Cathy hopes to contribute to the commercialisation of new discoveries, leveraging her scientific knowledge and new marketing skills to help bridge the gap between the science community and the broader market.

Genomics-driven healthcare is in the process of revolutionising how biomedical science diagnoses, treats, cures and prevents disease around the world.
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