Bioinformatics Platform

Building the infrastructure and personnel to rapidly analyse large datasets of patient genomic information.

TAGC's Bioinformatics Platform is a cloud-based system that enables the creation, storage and interrogation of national and global-scale genomic datasets.

Data on this scale enables improvements for both individuals and communities. For the individual, it enables faster, improved diagnosis and targeted, more effective treatment. For communities it helps create big picture government policy, investment and regulation that is more informed and therefore more effective.

The Bioinformatics Platform generates massive datasets of patient information, mapping their entire genome – as opposed to a single panel of DNA – to provide improved diagnosis and more targeted and effective treatments.

The platform is vital in our ability to roll out genomic sequencing for clinicians and patients, to rapidly provide details to inform prompt treatment change and better chances for a positive response.

Professor Oliver Hofmann and his team, in collaboration with Illumina, are developing systems that reduce the time taken to sequence patient data and improve reliability.

A new Illumina cloud-computing based platform will allow the University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research (UMCCR) team to analyse the large sets of data in parallel, drastically reducing analysis time for patients from 72 hours to as little as 12 hours.

Professor Oliver Hofmann's Genomics Platform Group works to improve the scalability and reliability of sequencing workflows, enable better detection of changes in cancer genomes, and make tumour data accessible in real-time.